Friday, 9 October 2015

Surveys to be done by 8.30am (9 Oct, Fri)

1. ICT survey

The student ICT survey gathers student self-reported data about: 
  • Use of laptops and perceived effects on work habits, learning, and classroom environment 
  • Student engagement and the value they perceive in their schoolwork 
  • Learning strategies and organizational skills
These data allows us to track the progress of the implementation of the 1-to-1 programme in SST.
The expected duration of the survey is  30 minutes

Please read the survey questions carefully and give us your most truthful reply.
Note: 0 is the number zero

2. National Day Survey (supposed to be done VERY long ago)

Recall the following activities conducted as part of SG50 National Day celebrations and complete the survey:

In Week 6, the SST National Education Committee had planned a range activities to celebrate our nation's golden jubilee.  They are as follows:

1.  Build My SG session during CE Period.

2.  Build My SG Interclass Video Competition.

3.  Build My SG Staff Video Competition.

4.  National Day Community Songs over the PA system.

5.  Morning Programme for National Day Celebration: 
     (A)  National Day Speech by Mr Hoe
     (B)  Recap of 2014 National Day Celebrations
     (C)  Sharing by NE Ambassadors - Tribute to Singapore's Progress & Meaning of SG50
     (D)  Showcase & Prize presentation of Build My SG - Students
     (E)  Showcase & Prize presentation of Build My SG - Staff
     (F)  Showcase of "Let's Cam-Paint mobile app by Teck Wah Singapore - from Media Club
     (G) Community Singing Session led by SST Show Choir, assisted by Student Leaders (Student Council leaders, Peer            Support Board leaders, NE Ambassadors)
6.  Level Programme:
     (A)  Sec 1 - SG50 Kampong Games@ISH
     (B)  Sec 2 - History Trail: 1965 Movie@Golden Village, Jurong Point
     (C)  Sec 3 - 'Honouring Our Pioneers' : Service Learning Trip
     (D)  Sec 4 - SG50 Learning Journey

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