Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Celebrations of Learning - 22nd Oct (Thu) 8am-12pm

Everyone is required to attend school on the SPM and COL day, 22 Oct (Thu), 8am-12pm. There was an email just sent out by Dr Laura Ng and the following is mentioned: 

"On another note, the COL event is to be attended by all. You may roam to all the classes on that day to challenge the students at their learning stations. It will be interesting to listen to your peers and give them centerstage for the 4 hours. Attendance in the classrooms will be taken to help check on the rate of participation.

Do not go home after your parents have been to the SPM. Wait for full instructions which will be based on the concurrent events."

For Malay and MS students

Below is the celebrations of learning duty roster shared today. Those who are involved, please save the time you are on duty. Please check with your parents what time they are coming for SPM to ensure that there is no clash. If you are unable to be on duty during your assigned slot, please make a swap with someone and inform Khit or Jordan by the end of this week (16Oct) so that they can make the change. 

​Thank you Khit and Jordan for arranging the duty roster.

If there is any other updated information, I will let you know. 

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