Monday, 19 October 2015

22 Oct (Thu): Celebrations of learning (COL)

As shared this morning and in weekly email sent by Mr Stanley Tan,

On 22 Oct (this Thu), you are required to report to school from 8am-1pm. There is a timetable for you to visit the celebrations of learning (COL).

1. Report at S307 (outside SST Inc. at Block C level 2) before 8am for attendance taking.
2. You will visit the COL displays according to the schedule below, led by Khit and Jordan.

3. When your parents are here for school parent meeting (SPM), go for SPM with your parents. If your parents are meeting me, the venue is learning oasis 2 (Blk C level 3). After the SPM, show your parents to the Sec 3 booths for celebrations of learning. Then you join the class to continue with the above timetable. 

4. When you are supposed to be duty at the Sec 3-07 COL booth (for Media studies and Malay students), please go the S307 COL booth. Then after your duty, join the class to continue with the above timetable. 

5. At each COL display you visit, please ensure your attendance is taken. 

6. At the end of the session, there is a reflection session. Please gather back at the S307 COL booth for attendance taking and reflection.  

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