Wednesday, 21 October 2015

21 Oct (Wed): FT Time in class

1. Complete surveys

Click on the links below: 

2. Check CCA Records

You will receive a copy​ of your CCA Records 
. Please note the following important instructions:
  1. All competitions and participations has 
    ​been keyed in. Check if anything is amiss (e.g. wrong spelling, year or missing event).​
  2. Check for errors and highlight them.
  3. ​Attendance has not been updated yet, so the CCA points appearing on the records are probably incorrect. Ignore that for now.​
  4. Some competitions are not recognised and hence may not appear on your CCA record. 
    , there is no harm indicating them to us.
    ​ Note that y​
    our SST teacher-in-charge of the competition must endorse your representation / accomplishment before 
     can add it in.
  5. Sign off the CCA record
    ​ form​
     to indicate that you have seen it and given your inputs. That doesn't 
     that it is error-free.
  6. A Google Form has been created for you to key in the errors
  7. Return the CCA records to your Form Teacher by 
    23 Oct.​
Things to note:
1. Anything to do with NYAA (e.g. it doesn't not appear on your CCA record even though it should), please email Mr Jerome Tan directly.
2. Anything to do with CIP hours / VIA / Service Learning, please email Mr Seth Tan directly.
​3. For all other matters, use the Google Form above. Do not email me or ambush me outside staffroom =)

3. Reminder: Return Library books (if you have not)

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