Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sec 3 Holiday Homework

The Sec 3 Holiday Homework for ALL subjects are HERE.

Make good use of your holidays to revise.

Here are my instructions for MATH & A MATH (same as email sent to you):

(1) Math Holiday Homework is HERE

FOR EVERYONE, not just students on remedial.

These are the sets of school papers for each math and the names of the documents:

E Math
1. Methodist Girls Schoo
- S3 EMP1
- S3 EMP2

2. Bukit Panjang Government High School 
2015 PRELIM EM SEC 4E _ 5NA P1
- 2015 PRELIM EM SEC 4E _ 5NA P2

A Math
1. Methodist Girls Schoo
- S3 AMP1
- S3 AMP2

2. Bukit Panjang Government High School 
- 2015 PRELIM AM SEC 4E _ 5NA P1
- 2015 PRELIM AM SEC 4E _ 5NA P2

3. Crescent Girls School 
- Question: 2015 CGS S3 AM MYE With Ans Key
- Solution: 2015 CGS S3 AM MYE -- Mark Scheme

Also, for A Math, you can read up on calculus which will be taught next year. The notes: 
- 2015 AM Calculus - Differentiation & applications

Do the papers periodically to keep your memory fresh. My suggestion is 1 E Math paper and 1 A Math paper each week. For those who need topical revision, re do all the assignments we did this year. Then attempt the papers as a test. You are encouraged to do all papers. 

You are expected to complete at least 1 school for each math. Do on foolscap, check solutions and do corrections. Then submit to your math teachers to check in 2016. 
My suggestion is to at least complete the following as they have answers for you to mark:

E Math
2. Bukit Panjang Government High School 
2015 PRELIM EM SEC 4E _ 5NA P1
- 2015 PRELIM EM SEC 4E _ 5NA P2

A Math
3. Crescent Girls School 
- Question: 2015 CGS S3 AM MYE With Ans Key
- Solution: 2015 CGS S3 AM MYE -- Mark Scheme

(2)  Solutions to SST EOY Math papers
The solutions to SST EOY Math papers are HERE
Folder: 2015 Sec 3 End Of Year Exam. 
Attempt your corrections then check the solutions. 

(3) Consultations
You are find me in school before 21 Nov (Fri). If you want to see me for consultation, please compile your questions and arrange a time with me via email or SMS. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

3 Nov, 4 Nov, 5 Nov: Remedial Schedule

Refer to this post on Sec 3 Google site for REMEDIAL SCHEDULE

If you are required to attend any remedial sessions, you will be informed by your respective subject teachers. Take initiative to check with your teachers too. Attendance is compulsory.

Remember to attend punctually and bring the necessary materials.

Monday, 26 October 2015

UPDATE: Reporting for lessons 27Oct, 28Oct

For tomorrow, 27 Oct (Tue) and 28 Oct (Wed), ALL to report to S307 classroom by 7.55am. To take attendance before you go for mother tongue lessons (first period).

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Reporting for lessons 26Oct, 27Oct, 28Oct

This coming week no morning assembly.

SO just turn up for lesson at
9am on 26Oct (Mon),
8am on 27Oct (Tue),
8am on 28Oct (Wed).

Be punctual!

1st period subject teachers will take your attendance.

The timetable is here. Remember to bring the required things for lessons.

Friday, 23 October 2015

8th ASEAN Para Games

Information and registration website:
Featured Stories:

Admission is free. You may register at the above website to support the athletes from 3rd to 9th Dec.

SST is going on 3rd Dec 9am-12pm. If you would like to sign up to go with the school, email Mr Lam Hin Chew at by today, 23 Oct (Fri).

Class Reflection

Positive Attributes
Areas for improvements
Memorable Moment
Win at least 1 class award
National Day @ St. Lukes
To be sensitive to other’s opinions and feelings
Teachers’ day party
Homework Submission
Standing together as a class to defend the class reputation
Spontaneous and good at standing together as a class
Attitude towards learning

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

FINAL instructions for TOMORROW,22Oct (Thu)

Please inform classmates

Every student to be in school no later than 8am. Students to be at tutorial room 2 (blk b level 5)

Chair n vice chair to be in school by 730 @staff room to collect posters

Chair/ vice chair to take attendance - pls sms FTs by 830 latest to update attendance

Students should be doing one of the following between :
1. Meet teachers with parents
2. Presenting for COL

3. On duty at SPM
4. Class visits according to schedule

At 11.45am be at tutorial room 2 for closing reflection activity

Dismissed by 1pm latest after pack up & restoration of classrooms

23 Oct (Fri): Programme

Please refer to this post on Sec 3 google site for the school programme on 23 Oct (Fri).

Please note that this Friday, 23 Oct is NOT your last day of school. You still have lessons next week. See timetable here.

21 Oct (Wed): FT Time in class

1. Complete surveys

Click on the links below: 

2. Check CCA Records

You will receive a copy​ of your CCA Records 
. Please note the following important instructions:
  1. All competitions and participations has 
    ​been keyed in. Check if anything is amiss (e.g. wrong spelling, year or missing event).​
  2. Check for errors and highlight them.
  3. ​Attendance has not been updated yet, so the CCA points appearing on the records are probably incorrect. Ignore that for now.​
  4. Some competitions are not recognised and hence may not appear on your CCA record. 
    , there is no harm indicating them to us.
    ​ Note that y​
    our SST teacher-in-charge of the competition must endorse your representation / accomplishment before 
     can add it in.
  5. Sign off the CCA record
    ​ form​
     to indicate that you have seen it and given your inputs. That doesn't 
     that it is error-free.
  6. A Google Form has been created for you to key in the errors
  7. Return the CCA records to your Form Teacher by 
    23 Oct.​
Things to note:
1. Anything to do with NYAA (e.g. it doesn't not appear on your CCA record even though it should), please email Mr Jerome Tan directly.
2. Anything to do with CIP hours / VIA / Service Learning, please email Mr Seth Tan directly.
​3. For all other matters, use the Google Form above. Do not email me or ambush me outside staffroom =)

3. Reminder: Return Library books (if you have not)

Monday, 19 October 2015

22 Oct (Thu): Celebrations of learning (COL)

As shared this morning and in weekly email sent by Mr Stanley Tan,

On 22 Oct (this Thu), you are required to report to school from 8am-1pm. There is a timetable for you to visit the celebrations of learning (COL).

1. Report at S307 (outside SST Inc. at Block C level 2) before 8am for attendance taking.
2. You will visit the COL displays according to the schedule below, led by Khit and Jordan.

3. When your parents are here for school parent meeting (SPM), go for SPM with your parents. If your parents are meeting me, the venue is learning oasis 2 (Blk C level 3). After the SPM, show your parents to the Sec 3 booths for celebrations of learning. Then you join the class to continue with the above timetable. 

4. When you are supposed to be duty at the Sec 3-07 COL booth (for Media studies and Malay students), please go the S307 COL booth. Then after your duty, join the class to continue with the above timetable. 

5. At each COL display you visit, please ensure your attendance is taken. 

6. At the end of the session, there is a reflection session. Please gather back at the S307 COL booth for attendance taking and reflection.  

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Script check schedule and special timetable (lessons)

Please refer to Sec 3 Google site for these important announcements:

13 Oct - 16 Oct: Schedule for review of EOY exam 

19 Oct - 28 Oct: Special timetable (lessons)

Attendance is compulsory. 

And once again, the information for last day of school: 

The last day of school for Sec 3s is 28 Oct (Wed).

However, if you are involved in the following,your last day of school is later:

(i) For student leaders attending EXPose camp on 29&30Oct: Last Day of school is 30 Oct. 

(ii) For students taking GCE O Level MT Exam: Last day of school is 2 Nov

For students selected for remedial from 3­-5Nov: Last day of school is 5 Nov 

Celebrations of Learning - 22nd Oct (Thu) 8am-12pm

Everyone is required to attend school on the SPM and COL day, 22 Oct (Thu), 8am-12pm. There was an email just sent out by Dr Laura Ng and the following is mentioned: 

"On another note, the COL event is to be attended by all. You may roam to all the classes on that day to challenge the students at their learning stations. It will be interesting to listen to your peers and give them centerstage for the 4 hours. Attendance in the classrooms will be taken to help check on the rate of participation.

Do not go home after your parents have been to the SPM. Wait for full instructions which will be based on the concurrent events."

For Malay and MS students

Below is the celebrations of learning duty roster shared today. Those who are involved, please save the time you are on duty. Please check with your parents what time they are coming for SPM to ensure that there is no clash. If you are unable to be on duty during your assigned slot, please make a swap with someone and inform Khit or Jordan by the end of this week (16Oct) so that they can make the change. 

​Thank you Khit and Jordan for arranging the duty roster.

If there is any other updated information, I will let you know. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Information on last day of school

The last day of school for Sec 3s is 28 Oct (Wed).

However, if you are involved in the following, you last day of school is later:

(i) For student leaders attending EXPose camp on 29&30Oct: Last Day of school is 30 Oct. 

(ii) For students taking GCE O Level MT Exam: Last day of school is 2 Nov

For students selected for remedial from 3-­5Nov: Last day of school is 5 Nov 

Programme for TODAY, 9 Oct (Fri)

Please listen to announcements after Sec 4 graduation ceremony for updated information about the briefings and reporting time and venue

Surveys to be done by 8.30am (9 Oct, Fri)

1. ICT survey

The student ICT survey gathers student self-reported data about: 
  • Use of laptops and perceived effects on work habits, learning, and classroom environment 
  • Student engagement and the value they perceive in their schoolwork 
  • Learning strategies and organizational skills
These data allows us to track the progress of the implementation of the 1-to-1 programme in SST.
The expected duration of the survey is  30 minutes

Please read the survey questions carefully and give us your most truthful reply.
Note: 0 is the number zero

2. National Day Survey (supposed to be done VERY long ago)

Recall the following activities conducted as part of SG50 National Day celebrations and complete the survey:

In Week 6, the SST National Education Committee had planned a range activities to celebrate our nation's golden jubilee.  They are as follows:

1.  Build My SG session during CE Period.

2.  Build My SG Interclass Video Competition.

3.  Build My SG Staff Video Competition.

4.  National Day Community Songs over the PA system.

5.  Morning Programme for National Day Celebration: 
     (A)  National Day Speech by Mr Hoe
     (B)  Recap of 2014 National Day Celebrations
     (C)  Sharing by NE Ambassadors - Tribute to Singapore's Progress & Meaning of SG50
     (D)  Showcase & Prize presentation of Build My SG - Students
     (E)  Showcase & Prize presentation of Build My SG - Staff
     (F)  Showcase of "Let's Cam-Paint mobile app by Teck Wah Singapore - from Media Club
     (G) Community Singing Session led by SST Show Choir, assisted by Student Leaders (Student Council leaders, Peer            Support Board leaders, NE Ambassadors)
6.  Level Programme:
     (A)  Sec 1 - SG50 Kampong Games@ISH
     (B)  Sec 2 - History Trail: 1965 Movie@Golden Village, Jurong Point
     (C)  Sec 3 - 'Honouring Our Pioneers' : Service Learning Trip
     (D)  Sec 4 - SG50 Learning Journey

Submission of SPA Files and Changes to Post Exam

Please read these posts on Sec 3 Google site

1. Submission of SPA files
Deadline for submission: 26 Oct (Mon)

2. Changes to Post Exam Activities

- On 12 Oct and 3 Nov​, please note that Dragonboat / Golf will be replaced with Bowling Competition.

- Should there be further changes, we will update the schedule between 48 to 24 hours before the activity. Please check HERE daily for updates and further instructions. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Message from Ms Chew

Tomorrow 9 OCT, Friday

Report to classroom before 7.40am in school uniform.

Bring storybook to read and LD for surveys

Thank you
-Ms Chew