Tuesday, 1 September 2015

S3-07 Math Supplementary Lesson TOMORROW, Wed 2Sep

Dear class, 

As mentioned today, we will have math supplementary lesson TOMORROW, Wed 2Sep. Due to the lessons we are missing this week because of the holidays, we are having this supplementary lesson so that we can complete the last chapter tested for exam. I will start teaching the topic in class tomorrow. So the afternoon lesson is more for you to do class work. 

Date: 2 Sep 2015 (TOMORROW, Wed)
Time: 2.05pm - 3.25pm
Venue: S307 classroom
Topic: Circular Measure

I understand that it clashes with a few things so these are the arrangements:

-If you have DS presentation: come after the DS presentation. According to your DS teacher, it ends by 3pm.

-If you have chemistry make up practical (2.15pm-3.15pm): If you do not have CCA, please come after the chemistry make up practical. 

-If you have FOE or if you are absent from school: I will try to arrange a time with you during the holidays (7Sep or 8Sep). If we cannot meet during the holidays, we will meet by term 4 week 1. I expect you to read through and attempt the questions first.

-Malay students who have filing (1.55-2.15pm), come after filing. 

-If you are unable to attend due to other reasons not mentioned above, please inform me. 

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