Monday, 3 August 2015

6 August 2015 (Thu) St Luke Eldercare Visit

Dear class,

On 6 August 2015 (this Thu), we will be having NDP Celebrations. It is considered a SCHOOL DAY so attendance is compulsory. Report to school before 7.40am as usual at ISH.

Attire: Red &/ White top with long jeans.  Otherwise, you can choose to come in full school uniform.

If you do not have jeans, you can wear red&/ white top with long pants (NOT SST pants because half uniform not allowed). NO shorts.

Also, please ensure that your top do not have inappropriate words, pictures.

After celebrations in school, we will go to St Luke Eldercare Centre. As the Whampoa centre is not available that day, we will be going to St Luke Eldercare Centre (Bukit Timah Centre).

Here is the brief programme:
- Introduction
- Bingo game
- Hand Craft Making (SG50 Picture Frame)
- NDP songs Singalong

You will be dismissed from the St Luke Eldercare Centre (Bukit Timah Centre) about 11.30am-12pm.

The address of St Luke Eldercare (Bukit Timah Centre) is as follows:
Blk 310, Clementi Ave 4, #01-263, Singapore 120310

Please check directions to go home from the centre. ALSO, Design Studies students: Please note that you have DS that day after the celebrations. SO, please check directions back to school. Also, check time of lesson with your DS teacher. 

Thank you.

Miss Chew

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