Sunday, 28 June 2015

Welcome back to school

Dear class, 

Welcome back to school. Term 3 starts tomorrow. Please be punctual and make sure that your attire and hair is of school standards. 

1. Timetable is attached and on class blog. Please check and make sure you bring the necessary items for school AND storybook for silent reading

2. Remember to bring the things you require for NRIC registration
  • Completed Registration Form
  • Ezlink card/School Smart Card with a top-up value of minimum $10 for Singapore Citizen and $50 for Singapore Permanent Residents students
  • One (1) recent passport-size colour photograph 
  • Supporting document if there is a change in name: Baptism / religion certificates (for inserting of religious name) and Deed Poll (for change in name including ethnic name)
  • For Singapore Permanent Resident students: Foreign passport with valid Re-Entry Permit

3. Progress report: Please ensure your parents/ guardian sign on it. Bring and submit tomorrow, Mon 29Jun.

4. Please read email from Mr Stanley Tan (below)

5. Seating arrangement: Please sit according to the seating arrangement in Term 2 before school ends. We will change during CE. 

6. St Luke Eldercare visit: Thank you Ray and Kexin for submission. The rest of you who went please upload your interview responses into this folder. If you have no time to complete this short assignment, then you shall stay back to complete this tomorrow. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow. 

Miss Chew

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