Saturday, 20 June 2015

Visit to St Luke Eldercare (Whampoa Centre)

Please note that the visit to St Luke Eldercare is on. Dates and time are as stated on the consent form:

(1) Session 1
22 June 2015 (Monday)
1pm – 3 pm

(2) Session 2
23 June 2015 (Tuesday)
2pm – 4 pm

Attire: SST School Uniform

The plan for Monday, 22 June is:
1. 30min - Ice breaker activity with the elderly: Students from SST and the elderly will sit together in a circle. Music will be played as a ball is passed around. When the music stop, the person having the ball needs to introduce himself/ herself and say something about himself/ herself 

2. 30 min - Sing along with the elderly (Karaoke)

3. 40 min - Bingo

4. 20min - Chit chat with the elderly/ massage for the elderly/ accompany elderly for exercise

Will need you to stay back after the visit to plan games and/or handicraft for the Tuesday session. 

On Monday, 22 June: Please meet me 12pm at Lavender MRT Station (EW 11) near the gantry gates. We will then take bus 145 together to the center. 

If you have CCA, please ask your teacher whether you can be excused. If your CCA teacher needs me to verify with them, please let me know. If you are unable to attend, inform me directly by SMS. Those who have not submitted the consent form, please submit to me on Monday. 

Thank you and see you.

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