Tuesday, 23 June 2015

St Luke Eldercare visit - upload of interview responses by tomorrow, 24Jun (Wed) 12pm

Thank you to those who attended the visit today. As mentioned, I need you to type out the interview responses so that we have a record to help us in the iBook project. 

1. For each elderly you interviewed, type out the responses to the following in word document/ google doc:

(i) Name of elderly: (can be full name or how you address them e.g. uncle lim)
(ii) significant life experience: 
(iii) significant memories of places: (which place in Singapore do they like the most and why)
(iv) life lessons learnt: what are the life lessons you learnt from your conversations with the elderly?
(v) any other remarks/ comments: (can be interesting things mentioned by the elderly or some of your other thoughts)
(vi) name of interviewers: (your name)

2. Label the file with your name

3. Upload to this googledrive folder by tomorrow, 24Jun (Wed) 12pm

For those who miss the visit today, will get you to help out with the creation of the iBook. I will let you know after discussing with Gerald and Ray. 

You may view photos of today's visit in this folder. Please note that the photos can only be used for school presentation purpose. DO NOT post on social media. 

Thank you.

Enjoy the last week of holidays! And...remember to complete your holiday homework. 

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