Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homework Reminder


Assignment A09 Questions 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 to be submitted by tomorrow

Monday, 29 June 2015

Term 3 Week 1 Announcements

1. Login to SDMhttp://sst.sdm.sg/weblogin.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f . Make sure you can login to update your particulars. If you have problems logging in even after "forget password", please email to sdm@sst.edu.sg . We will update particulars in class on Wednesday, 1 July. So please ensure you can login by then. 

2. Bring working thermometer everyday until Thursday 2 July. There will a temperature taking exercise on Thursday 2 July. 

3. If you have travelled overseas to ANY country during the June holidays, please declare using this link.

4. It's great to see that many of you remember to submit your progress report with your parents'/ guardian signature today. Those of you who have not submit, please remember to get them signed by your parents and remember to submit to me tomorrow, Tue 30Jun. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Welcome back to school

Dear class, 

Welcome back to school. Term 3 starts tomorrow. Please be punctual and make sure that your attire and hair is of school standards. 

1. Timetable is attached and on class blog. Please check and make sure you bring the necessary items for school AND storybook for silent reading

2. Remember to bring the things you require for NRIC registration
  • Completed Registration Form
  • Ezlink card/School Smart Card with a top-up value of minimum $10 for Singapore Citizen and $50 for Singapore Permanent Residents students
  • One (1) recent passport-size colour photograph 
  • Supporting document if there is a change in name: Baptism / religion certificates (for inserting of religious name) and Deed Poll (for change in name including ethnic name)
  • For Singapore Permanent Resident students: Foreign passport with valid Re-Entry Permit

3. Progress report: Please ensure your parents/ guardian sign on it. Bring and submit tomorrow, Mon 29Jun.

4. Please read email from Mr Stanley Tan (below)

5. Seating arrangement: Please sit according to the seating arrangement in Term 2 before school ends. We will change during CE. 

6. St Luke Eldercare visit: Thank you Ray and Kexin for submission. The rest of you who went please upload your interview responses into this folder. If you have no time to complete this short assignment, then you shall stay back to complete this tomorrow. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow. 

Miss Chew

Welcome back to school (Mathematics)

Dear class, 

Welcome back to school. This is what you need for math lesson tomorrow, 29Jun (Mon):

1. Modulus notes. If lost, please print the notes. I attached a copy in my email.

2. Modulus Homework: 
- Assignment A09: Q1,2,7a,7b (done in class). AND Q7c,e,f, 8c
- Notes Pg10-11 e.g. 9d,f,h

3. Empty yellow file to file math notes for the new semester. 
Please make sure you keep all the notes from Semester 1 as you will need them for revision until O levels.

4. Calculator, foolscap, stationery 

To get into the mood for maths, enjoy this song created from Pi HERE.

For those who submitted your A Math AA draft, I am vetting through them on a first come first serve bases. Will give you feedback through email. Those who submitted by 19Jun will get the feedback by tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow =)

Miss Chew

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

St Luke Eldercare visit - upload of interview responses by tomorrow, 24Jun (Wed) 12pm

Thank you to those who attended the visit today. As mentioned, I need you to type out the interview responses so that we have a record to help us in the iBook project. 

1. For each elderly you interviewed, type out the responses to the following in word document/ google doc:

(i) Name of elderly: (can be full name or how you address them e.g. uncle lim)
(ii) significant life experience: 
(iii) significant memories of places: (which place in Singapore do they like the most and why)
(iv) life lessons learnt: what are the life lessons you learnt from your conversations with the elderly?
(v) any other remarks/ comments: (can be interesting things mentioned by the elderly or some of your other thoughts)
(vi) name of interviewers: (your name)

2. Label the file with your name

3. Upload to this googledrive folder by tomorrow, 24Jun (Wed) 12pm

For those who miss the visit today, will get you to help out with the creation of the iBook. I will let you know after discussing with Gerald and Ray. 

You may view photos of today's visit in this folder. Please note that the photos can only be used for school presentation purpose. DO NOT post on social media. 

Thank you.

Enjoy the last week of holidays! And...remember to complete your holiday homework. 

Monday, 22 June 2015


Please note that the visit to St Luke Eldercare today (Monday, 22Jun) is cancelled as the center has a last minute talk. TOMORROW (Tuesday, 23Jun) is still on:

(2) Session 2
23 June 2015 (Tuesday)
2pm – 4 pm

Attire: SST School Uniform

Please meet me 1pm at Lavender MRT Station (EW 11) near the gantry gates. We will then take bus 145 together to the center. 

Each group please discuss and decide on a handicraft idea to conduct with the elderly tomorrow. Group leaders Ray, Gerald and Daris please let me know your handicraft idea by 5pm today, by email. 

Sorry for the last minute notice.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Visit to St Luke Eldercare (Whampoa Centre)

Please note that the visit to St Luke Eldercare is on. Dates and time are as stated on the consent form:

(1) Session 1
22 June 2015 (Monday)
1pm – 3 pm

(2) Session 2
23 June 2015 (Tuesday)
2pm – 4 pm

Attire: SST School Uniform

The plan for Monday, 22 June is:
1. 30min - Ice breaker activity with the elderly: Students from SST and the elderly will sit together in a circle. Music will be played as a ball is passed around. When the music stop, the person having the ball needs to introduce himself/ herself and say something about himself/ herself 

2. 30 min - Sing along with the elderly (Karaoke)

3. 40 min - Bingo

4. 20min - Chit chat with the elderly/ massage for the elderly/ accompany elderly for exercise

Will need you to stay back after the visit to plan games and/or handicraft for the Tuesday session. 

On Monday, 22 June: Please meet me 12pm at Lavender MRT Station (EW 11) near the gantry gates. We will then take bus 145 together to the center. 

If you have CCA, please ask your teacher whether you can be excused. If your CCA teacher needs me to verify with them, please let me know. If you are unable to attend, inform me directly by SMS. Those who have not submitted the consent form, please submit to me on Monday. 

Thank you and see you.