Thursday, 7 May 2015

Post Exam matters

Dear class, 

Congratulations on completing common test! =) Have a good rest today before post exam activities commence tomorrow. 

1. Complete OBS pre-course reflection in OBS google form sent out by Mr Jerome Tan by tonight (7 May, Thu) 10pm.

2. Complete Flag Day pre-service reflection in Flag Day google form sent out by Ms Madeleine Chew by tomorrow (8 May, Fri) 2pm

3. Post exam activities tomorrow, 8 May 2015 (Fri)

7.40am: Report for morning assembly at MPHS&W attire

8am - 12.45pm: Interhouse Games

2pm - 2.45pm: Flag Day Briefing, MPH

Notes for IHG (posted on googlesite too):
- Bring a water bottle (for everyone) and cap / sunscreen (for outdoor games)
- Do not bring your Learning Devices or any unnecessary valuables (keep them in your locker if you need to bring these items)
- Games will commence at 8.30am (after briefings and set-ups), and the prize giving ceremony will end by 12.45pm

4. Flag Day for All Saints Home, 9 May 2015 (Sat)
8.30am (Shift 1) / 12.30pm (Shift 2): Report at bugis junction gathering point, school uniform

At end of shift: Report back at bugis junction gathering point to return tin

Bring: Student pass (for identification) and filled water bottle (to hydrate)
More information given in email sent out by Ms Chew. Please read. 

5. OBS, 11 May 2015 (Mon) - 14 May 2015 (Thu) 

Report at MPH on 11 May, Monday. Reporting time should be 7.30am. If you are required to report earlier, you will be informed. 

(If you are excused from OBS, you are required to report to school daily as usual at ISH)

6. 15 May 2015 (Fri) - 20 May 2015 (Wed)
Report to school as usual. Schedule for script checking is posted on googlesite. Please refer to this post on Sec 3 googlesite. 

7. 21 May 2015 (Thu)

- Career Fair: You are required to attend, information will be given later.

Parent- Form Teacher Conference: Please inform your parents and get them to sign up if they wish to come for the parent- form teacher meeting. more information was emailed out earlier to you and your parents.

 8. 22 May 2015 (Fri)
Track and Field Meets at Toa Payoh Stadium. Reporting time and more information will be given later. 

9. 25 May 2015 (Mon) - 29 May 2015 (Fri)
- Report to school as usual. 
Lessons as usual. Follow timetable. 
- If you are going for GCP trips, I suggest you inform your teacher in advance to check what topics will be taught.

10. 1 June 2015 (Mon) - 5 June 2015 (Fri)
- There should be remedial lessons this week. Information will be given later. 

Thank you. 

Miss Chew

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  1. Please read post on Sec 3 googlesite on the timetable for 15May - 22 May:

    Reporting time to school is the same for these days.