Monday, 25 May 2015

2015 Sec 3 AM Alternative Assessment #2 - Deadline 3 July 2015 2359 hours

As mentioned in email and in class, you are expected to complete the A Math Alternative Assessment (AA) (individual work) by the deadline:
3 July 2015 2359 hours

Penalty of 50% will be applied if completion is done after 03 July 2015. After 10 July 2015 1200 hours, no mark will be awarded.

1. Refer to this link for the requirements and rubrics of the AA. There are 3 parts to the assignment

(i) 2 proofs of assigned theorem
- provide general proofs, not only cases with particular values
- proof using particular values does not prove the theorem in general

(ii) 1 question (with solution) which involves the assigned theorem 
- design complex question for higher marks
- complex question refers to questions which has application to real life context and/or question which use of other geometrical properties/theorems besides the assigned theorem. (refer to circle properties assignment 1 as a reference of complex angle properties question)

(iii) reflection: watch video and provide meaningful reflection based on questions posted

(iv) what and how do you hand in?
- softcopy via email to me at
- marks is awarded for ICT usage. So minimally it can be a typed document/ slides etc. besides basic ICT usage, you can consider making a original video/ animation which clearly answers all 3 parts of the AA
email me a draft by 19 Jun 2015 so that I can check whether I can read your file

2. "A.Math AA2 Theorem Definition" : description of the theorems

3.  "307_A Math AA_Assigned Theorems": your assigned theorems. A copy is on the class noticeboard too:

4. If you want feedback on your AA, arrange a time to see me after school on Term 3 Week 1 (29 Jun-2Jul) [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

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