Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew - 25 Mar Lesson

Instructions for today's lesson on Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew

1. Individual reflections (5-10min): View MOE’s Slides 
                                                 Then complete your reflections on this google form

2. Group Activity-Infographic on Mr Lee Kuan Yew

(i) An infographic is meant to tell a story and provide information in a visually striking way. See examples of infographics featuring Nelson Mandela

(ii) As a group, create an infographic showing Mr Lee’s contributions in the following areas:
  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social 
  • Environmental
You may use any tool or program to create your infographic. But you must be able to convert the final product into an image file (e.g. JPEG) or PDF

(iii) 8.45am: Convert your infographic into an image file (e.g. JPEG) or PDF. Name the file as "S307_MrLeeKY_(names of group members)"

(iv) 8.50am: Upload your infographic (PEG/PDF) to this google drive folder

3. Useful resources and information
  1. MOE’s Slides
  2. Official Facebook page
  3. Channelnewsasia’s article on his key contributions
  4. Interview with Former Foreign Minister George Yeo

4. Mr Lee's key contributions (some suggested examples)

  • Independence from British rule
  • Establishment of PAP
  • Merger and separation from Malaysia
  • Clean, non-corrupt government
  • Establishment of Singapore as an independent state
  • Diplomacy: building international friendships
  • Defence: Establishing Singapore’s status as a sovereign state

  • Attracting Foreign Investment
  • Creation of jobs
  • Anti-corruption
  • Defence: Singapore as a safe place for investment

  • Bilingual Policy
  • Education for everyone
  • Home Ownership (Public Housing)
  • Welfare for Workers
  • Defence: Nation building and common experience
  • Multi-racialism
  • Garden City Concept
  • Tree Planting Day

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