Friday, 6 March 2015

Math Homework for this weekend

1. Matrices Assignment E02A: Questions 2b, 3a, 3d, 5c, 6, 8 (Do on foolscap). Put matrices notes and assignments in clear folder.

2. File worksheets in your math file: Please SEARCH, LOCATE and FILE in ALL your MATH worksheets into your MATH FILE. Content pages are attached in email and on google site under "MATH FILE CONTENT PAGE". For each section of the file, number 1 on the content page is below. If you really do not know the order, at least file in the worksheets in the correct section. 

3. Partial fractions: Those of you who owe me partial fractions worksheet, please finish up and hand in to me. It is already late. Most of the work is already done in class. I don't see why you cannot hand in. If you do not understand, come and see me. 

I seek your cooperation to settle down in class faster and be more on task so that we have time to go through the level tests. 

Thank you.

Miss Chew 

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