Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reminders on math level tests

As reminded in class today:

E Math level test

Date: 27 Feb 2015 (this Friday)

  1. Graph Sketching
  2. Graph Drawing
  3. Graphical Transformation
  4. Linear inequalities
  5. Quadratic Equations

Things to bring: Calculator, Foolscap, Graph Paper, Curve Ruler/ French Curve, Long Ruler, Stationery

Consultation: 26 Feb (this Thu). Please SMS Miss Chew if you would like to come and ask questions after you revise

A Math level test

Date: 6 Mar 2015 (next Friday)

  1. Quadratic Equations & Inequalities (alpha beta, quadratic inequalities, discriminant)
  2. Polynomials, Identities
  3. Remainder & Factor Theorem
  4. Cubic expression and equation
Partial fraction is excluded.

Things to bring: Calculator, Foolscap, Stationery

Remedial/ Consultation: 3 Mar (next Tue) / 4 Mar (next Wed) depending on your quiz results. to be confirmed.

Quiz on remainder factor theorem and cubic expressions and equations: Tomorrow, 25Feb (Wed) 1.35pm-2pm
Quiz on identities: This Thu, 26Feb
Quiz on alpha beta, quadratic inequalities, discriminant: Next Mon, 2 Mar

To revise, refer to checklist given and try the questions from your TYS. You can also try the 2014 level test papers emailed out by Miss Lim (also attached in this email). Do note that the E Math topics tested in 2014 are slightly different from the topics tested this year. 

Important notes: Formula sheet NOT given, graphic calculators not allowed

Miss Chew

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