Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Instructions to submit 2015 Sec 3 Additional Mathematics Alternative Assessment (Deadline 6 Feb 15, 2359)

I sent you the google form to submit your A Math AA. Each group appoint 1 representative to submit. 

Please follow the following instructions carefully:

(1) Name your file according to your class and group members
E.g. if you are from S301 with 4 members index no 01 05 16 22, 
        your filename will be 2015 AM AA S3-01 01051622
       if you are from S302 with 3 members index 10 12 14,
       your filename will be 2015 AM AA S3-02 10121400

(2) Give viewing rights to Miss Chew:

(3) Fill in the google form "S3-07 A Math AA Submission". It is sent to your email. 

(4) Click "submit" after filling in form

Deadline is 6 Feb 2015 (this Friday) 2359. Any submission later than that will be considered LATE assignment. 

Important notes:
(1) Make sure none of your group members edit the google document after 6 Feb 2359. Any edits seen after 6 Feb 2359 will be treated as late submission. 

(2) As per school assessment rules, penalty for late submission is as follows:
- additional 7 day grace period to complete work. if submitted within 7-day grace period, awarded 50% of marks scored
- do not submit at end of 7 day grace period, given 0 marks

(3) If you face any problems in submission, contact Miss Chew. Handphone number sent to your email.

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  1. thank you for highlighting the issue that you are unable to submit the google form. access is given now. you are able to submit the google form. please start submitting.