Saturday, 14 February 2015

13th February 2015 - Homework

- Vocab worksheet (for those who didn't receive it, vic will post the pictures on the facebook group like once she gets back from flag day)
  (Due: Monday)
- Read the 3 handouts provided
  • the speech writing booklet with Obama's picture
  • Speech Writing Skills: Modes of Persuasion 
  • A General Summary to Aristotle's Appeals
- Write 1 speech using either the 2010 or the 2005 paper on Google Drive and submit your essays here
  (Due: Monday, 2359)
- Complete the new planning worksheet given out to you. Use the PART method to plan. Annotate the parts where ethos, pathos, and logos apply.
(Due: Monday)

*Refer to Miss Wang's email for clarification

- Homework AO1C questions 1-3
  (Due: Monday)

- Worksheet 3 of workbook 
  (Due: Tuesday)

- Past-year level test paper 
  (Due: Monday)

- Past-year level test paper 
  (Due: Tuesday)

- Work on your respective group presentations on the League of Nations (

- Work on the coaching plan that was given last week (refer to Mr Lam's email if you lost it)
  (Due: Monday)

Happy *cough* Friendship Day ;)


  1. Thank you Jordan for the detailed homework reminders.

    Yun Jing, please use this homework post as a template. All future posts on daily homework reminders should be organised like this, by subjects with deadlines stated.

    Thank you.