Thursday, 29 January 2015


Physics Workbook 2a 2b

Maths Worksheet page 3

MS Complete questions we took photos of

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Maths Worksheet Page 16 d, e, f

Sign form for GY by 3 Feb submit to me

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Maths Worksheet questions 2, 4

English Essay and Essay planning by tomorrow

Monday, 26 January 2015


Maths worksheet

Chinese workbook if not completed

Chemistry notes and worksheets

Friday, 23 January 2015


Chinese workbook 12-14

Sum of roots product of roots maths

Learning points from today's CCE Lesson on Success

There is no one-size-fits-all definition for success.
Everyone has his or her own unique description.

As you learn and gain experience your definition of success may change.

Steve Jobs explain rules for success: 

Homework for CCE by 2 Feb (Mon)

Interview a male and a female adult who is successful in his and her career.

Possible questions to ask:
Find out
How they decided on their career choice?
What current their lifestyle is like?
How do they define success?
What were their aspirations like when they were young? Did they set out to meet those aspirations? Why? Why not?
Was there a “price” they had to pay for their “success”?
What are some of the challenges they face in their career? 

Deadline: 2 Feb (Mon) - Sharing during CCE Lesson

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reminder: pay $12.50 for Math TYS

Please pay Wayne $12.50 for A&E Math topical TYS (ten year series) latest by next Monday, 26Jan.


English vocab worksheet 

Geography check email for homework 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Maths complete questions 2 4 6 given in class today

Chinese XiZi for <8 scorers

Physics complete the kinematics by this evening or latest tomorrow

Monday, 19 January 2015


Fill in the blanks for data Chem worksheet

Remember to do maths worksheet except question 6

Friday, 16 January 2015

Swap of lessons just for next week

As mentioned, there is a swap of lesson just for next week: 

19 Jan (Mon), 0955-1045: English
22 Jan (Thu), 1155-1245: Math

Math Remedial

Dear class, 

After checking, Tue is a non CCA day. 

Hence, math remedial will be on every Tuesday 2.30pm - 4pm at S3-07. Math remedial will start next Tue, 20Jan. For the first session, I will go through diagnostic test. So compulsory for everyone to attend. 

If your teacher would like to add sessions for CCA training, please let them know you have math remedial on Tue. If your CCA teacher have queries, ask your CCA teacher to look for me.  

Thank you.

Miss Chew


Math Graph WS (don’t do Q6)

Pass wayne the $12.50 for maths on Monday

Buy and read SS Sec 4/5 textbook 

Higher Chinese WS(s)

SS Do up the worksheet and online work

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Maths Worksheet question 1 by tomorrow (weekend home work)

Physics conceptual quiz 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

NE Reps

Dear class,

We still need 2 more volunteers to join Wayne to be NE reps for our class.

Roles of NE Reps:
a.   To be the class contact persons in activities related to National Education within the class, school and community.
b.   To assist NE Committee in organising NE-related events such as Total Defence Day, National day Celebrations, Racial Harmony Day etc,...
c. Sharing during Thu Assembly "Our World Our Views". S3-07 sharing is in term 3. 
More details will be given by the teacher in charge when you go for briefing. 

I hope for more initiative. If interested, let Wayne know your names by this Friday, 16Jan.


Maths Worksheet solving equations by graphical method

English worksheet given after the vocabulary test

Physics lab tmr bring workbook and practical

Monday, 12 January 2015


Next Chem Lesson will be at lab

SS worksheet

Physics practical workbook

Friday, 9 January 2015

Home work

Maths do the pages about the formulas

Social studies worksheet 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tomorrow, 9 Jan (Fri): Sharing on St Luke Eldercare Visit

Dear class, 

I believed you have received information from Mr Seth Tan about the inter class sharing of your experience at St Luke Eldercare. As we have not selected our SL reps, I have assigned the currect 2 class Exco members, Wayne and Yun Jing, to represent the class. Of course if you are interested to be SL reps, it is a good opportunity for you to take initiative and prepare the presentation together with them. 

Based on Mr Seth Tan's email, 
We will have about 20 minutes for every class to prepare the slides, 5-8 mins of presentation by S-L reps is appropriate for each class, followed by 2-5 mins of Q&A (total 10 mins per sharing session).

Preparation Time
  • 1155-1215 (20 mins) - class preparation of slides (led by temp. SL reps)
Sharing Sessions
  • 1215-1225 (10 mins) - SL reps' presentation and Q&A for next class in line*
  • 1225-1235 (10 mins) - SL reps' presentation and Q&A for next class in line*
  • 1235-1245 (10 mins) - SL reps' presentation and Q&A for next class in line*
*The lineup of presentation goes in a round-robin style. For e.g. the temp SL reps from S3-01 will go to S3-02 class in the first session, to S3-03 class in the second session, and so on. The temp SL reps from S3-08 will go to S3-01 class in the first session, to S3-02 in the second session, and so on.

I expect the class to help in the preparation of slides during the lesson. Photos can be found in google drive at

The slides templates are at:

Have fun learning from each other's experience =)

Miss Chew

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Temperature Taking 7 Jan, Wed (TOMORROW)

Please remember to bring a working thermometer tomorrow, 7 Jan (Wed) for temperature taking exercise.

Math Diagnostic Test - bring foolscap too

Dear class, 

Math Diagnostic test is tomorrow, 7 Jan (Wed). Report 2pm at Auditorium. 

Please bring scientific calculator, writing materials (stationery and foolscap).

Topics are:
1. Indices
2. Direct/inverse proportion
3. Linear equations
4. Quadratic equations: forming, solving and graph
5. Trigonometry
6. Congruency & similarity
7. Probability

Duration: 50 minutes

Thank you.

Miss Chew

Friday, 2 January 2015

Reminders for 5 Jan (Fri)

Dear class,

Here are some reminders:

(1) Login to SDM and update your details and your parents'/ guardians' details by today, 2 Jan

(2) Forms to be signed by parents/ guardian (check both pages of each document).
     BRING and submit on 5 Jan (Mon)
- Medical declaration form
- Edusave Withdrawal form
- BASSE consent form

(3) BASSE documents in Google drive
- each group (Bingo, Handicraft, Sing along) to update their parts and upload by today, 2 Jan 3pm
- proposal group to email proposal to Ms Arlene Jiang ( ) and cc Ms Chew ( and Mr Tan ( by today, 2 Jan 6pm.
- each group (Bingo, Handicraft, Sing along) to purchase/ bring/ prepare logistics required. Ready by 5 Jan 8am

(4) Those who have not submit your report books, remember to get it signed and bring to submit on 
5 Jan (Mon)

Monday (5 Jan) Schedule: 
0840-0905: Morning Assembly & Briefing (MPH)
0905-0920: Boarding of Buses 
0920-1000: Travel to SLEC
1000-1330: Programme at SLEC, Return bus trip, break in school
1330-1430: Post service Reflections (Classroom)

BRING logistics for activities at SLEC, S-L booklet, stationery

See you on Monday, 5 Jan 2015. =)

BASSE Project for 5 Jan